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Benefits herb as a traditional medicine

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Herbs make a mark, many people believe in the power of herbs and their benefits to health and well-being. Modern medicine was not as eager to look at manufactured herbal medicine and prefer to prescribe drugs that are clinically researched and tested.

Organic herb so their presence felt, though, despite the fact that modern medicine does not recognize or give any credit. Of course, we also agree that modern medicine has been very effective in the prevention and treatment of many diseases. There are so many diseases and conditions that are fatal hundreds of years ago, and now we have to deal with modern medicine. This will help increase the lifespan of many individuals today.

So many people opt for herbal and although the new laws and regulations are often transferred to regress the growth of herbal medicine, there are those who decide to treat yourself Stull natural and complementary medicine.

The disadvantage of modern medicine
However, there is a side of modern medicine that is to be a recognized and the fact that these drugs are made labs synthetic ingredients and often have side effects to contend with. Some side effects can be quite hard, while some of them can be tailored. These negative side effects of the price, while the herb is much less chance of this happening, if at all. There are cases where modern medicine side effects are replaced by the actual benefits of the drug and can be very dangerous. the effect of herbal medicine is a holistic level, or perhaps the cause and treatment of milder, but long-term use has shown good results a lot to offer.

Statistics show the US that another drawback of modern medicine, many patients often experience complications that exceed a variety of drugs and they often lead to death. Another drawback is the price, for most people in the developing world, the price of these drugs would be prohibitive. Millions of people can not afford medical treatment, so often lose their lives because they can not seek treatment.

One of the most weakness facts of modern medicine herbal medicine for more than that to emphasize treatment rather than prevention. This led to the pharmaceutical industry has become a multi-billion dollar market, where profits more important than anything else. Herbal medicine and alternative medicine for prevention and treatment according to the cause and not the symptoms.

While the herb seems to be gaining popularity in the cosmetics industry has also steered that way. Days: On many brands these looking for herbs color: Highway to Highway ethical beauty products and ingredients skin care products . It went herbal hair care brand offers so many new natural hair care products.

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treatment Obesity Orthomolecular Medicine

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treating, curing obesity and weight problems, a common amino acid is the basis of Orthomolecular Medicine. Large doses of naturally found proteins called amino acids can repair the imbalance in the brain and improve the malfunction. These amino acids are affordable and are used in therapeutic doses much higher than the levels normally found in food. The concept of Orthomolecular medicine is based on the use of very high doses of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, botanical extracts, or cellular repair and enhancement of normal brain activity. Amino acids are also a key that is necessary to support the increase of muscle mass to the metabolism higher than the weight loss occurs. increase muscle mass and exercise will result in a decreased metabolic rate and body adapts to low daily caloric requirements without weight loss can be achieved without weight loss intervention.

Many times there is a problem wit the body prevents you from losing weight with ease. These problems such as thyroid disease, hormonal imbalances, diabetes, impaired heart function, neurotransmitter imbalances, chronic viral infections that result in low energy and fatigue, chromosome problems development challenged people, fatty liver, decreased spleen function and digestion interference, which is considerably longer than normal fat digestion problems. Fatty liver is a very big problem for weight loss. This may be part of a high-fat diet and high pesticidal toxins or heavy metals. Detoxification is a great idea toxins in addition to herbs to support the good functioning of the liver. Heavy metals and pesticides removed from the infrared sauna or hot yoga and oral chelating toxins such as coriander, organic wheat grass, or Chlorella. Milk thistle herb May is a very good support. Fat cells store toxins and fatty liver stores of more toxins that are harmful to the cell metabolism and the normal appearance of a fat for energy. Other herbs that are very good for the liver function improved pentaphyllum Gynostemma and Hawthorn berries. These can be taken in capsule or tea. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and CLA is very good to reduce liver fat, which does not involve alcoholism.

amino acid therapy is very good for weight loss, and they are working. These weight loss effects include decreased appetite, altering glucose regulation, tweak the energy metabolism of the cell and accelerates during the release of fat for energy production. 5-HTP, carnitine, orthinine, phenylalanine, arginine, theanine and amino acids that are effective in weight loss. These amino acids must be used in therapeutic doses for several months. You must be able to recognize within within 7-12 days if the therapy is successful.

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Cough syrup Miracle Fertility – cough syrup might help you get pregnant?

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If you have been struggling to get pregnant or if you are just starting to try my first baby might be the secret ingredient to increase your chances of conceiving. What is surprising fertility is it? Believe it or not; cough syrup. Fertility experts are not any agreement, but there is some scientific evidence that proves cough medicine may actually help women conceive. But there are some things you need to know about the cough syrup and pregnancy.

The most important ingredient you want to be on the lookout for when choosing a drug guaifenesin cough fertility purposes. This component will help to get pregnant thinning of the cervical fluid. This will allow the sperm to pass through the cervix of the egg more easily.

Why guaifenesin works so well? This is a common ingredient in cough medicine, or an expectorant to relieve thinning and liquefies phlegm in his lungs. This is actually not all mucous membranes in the body, so the thin neck of liquid as well. Make sure to choose a cough medication guaifenesin, whose sole active ingredient.

You have to keep track of ovulation to help. If you do not produce many cervical fluid when you ovulate guaifenesin may be what you need to imagine. The key to this track ovulation, cervical fluid and checked; that is the only way to know when is the right time to guaifenesin. Of course, some women just take the cough medicine throughout their ovulation period, but it usually works best for women who produce a certain amount of cervical fluid.

If you decide to try cough syrup can help you get pregnant, the only active ingredient guaifenesin sure. It bears repeating because cough antihistamine drug effectively reduces cervical fluid. So once again, choose the appropriate syrup against cough. Fertility can reduce your chances if you choose the wrong. Take two teaspoons three times a day while ovulating.

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Natural Hormone Balance Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

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test & # 39; hormones exist in a delicate balance with each other, and to reduce inequalities can be a difficult thing to achieve. In order to deal with exactly what it is, whether it & # 39; and to have a closer look at the hormonal system of the body & # 39; messaging system. Then we will continue to examine how Chinese medicine can help to balance the female hormones in order to address a variety of common women & # 39; s health disorders.

endocrine system creates and distributes messages

endocrine system is a fascinating and complex thing to look at. What is the role of this system? The endocrine system consists of a set of glands, who is responsible for the preparation and distribution of hormones. One of the body's hormones primary messaging systems, and coordinates the body & # 39; and physiological activities such as a symphony conductor, coordinating the instruments to create a harmonious performance.

The key players in the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland. This pair of glands regulate other glands in the body, including the adrenal, thyroid and reproductive organs. The hypothalamus and pituitary gland team up with various key players took multifunctional "Axis & # 39; ' to work, it is very important to regulate the processes of the body. Here are the three main axes & # 39; and their functions:

hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal Think & # 39; Reproduction & # 39;

regulates the male and female reproductive system. Problems with this include the shaft infertility, menstrual irregularities, endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome, sexual dysfunction and menopausal problems.

hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid Think & # 39; Metabolism & # 39;

regulates metabolism and energy production and use. Fatigue, weight gain, emotional disorders, anxiety and insomnia, and heart palpitations indicate problems here.

hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal Think & # 39; Stress & Digest & # 39;

regulates a wide range of activities, including stress, digestive function, immunity, emotions and energy. Problem with this axis may fatigue, IBS or other organ functional disorders, insomnia, emotional disorders, and alcoholism.

TCM view hormonal effects

Chinese medicine developed another twist in terms of hormones and where they come from. The endocrine system is the basic equivalent of the renal system, TCM (traditional Chinese medicine). It is responsible for functions related to the maintenance of the genital, urinary tract, endocrine, bone, blood and the central nervous system. The Kidney fundamental source of energy and is primarily responsible for reproduction, growth and development of the body.

How can Chinese medicine help women & # 39; and hormonal imbalance?

Chinese medicine excels at balancing hormones in women & # 39; s regulatory body, and effectively treat menstrual disorders, menopause symptoms and treatment of infertility. It's also great to addressing mood swings, stress, low libido and low energy.

The treatment starts with a full health intake, which articulate the Chinese medical diagnosis and then go from there. All women & # 39; and other body treated and individualized process, in contrast to Western medicine, when treating a specific medical disorder is the same as the individual patient. For example, irregular menstrual cycle may occur, depending on a variety of patterns in the body and what happens to you. It identifies the unique patterns and treat you in a customized way.

The treatment plan usually includes a combination of acupuncture treatments and herbal prescription unique and preparation. When you leave the office, they will be equipped with the knowledge of what the problem is, how do we deal with, and how often you need treatment.

The herbal formulas Treat Hormonal

Chinese herbal formulas are clinically proven to be effective in changing hormone levels in the body. A commonly used formula for the treatment of menopause, such as known as Rhemmania six changes directly affect the female sex hormones in the adrenal cortex, other endocrine glands, or both.

a biomedical point of view, it has been reported that this formula increases in plasma cortisol levels (our stress on hormone) increases estrodial (an estrogen derivative), and reduce the overall FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) and LH (luteinising hormone). It also significantly increased estrogen receptors. What does all this mean? The overall effect of the above data show a reduction in the balance levels of the hormone resulting in menopausal symptoms.

The herbal formula must be designed to be based on the symptoms that you experience. In a TCM perspective, we would treat imbalances in the kidney system. I will prepare a formula based on the TCM diagnosis with you to completely customize the body using powdered herbs that can be treated as both symptom and root image causal disorder. In other words, we treat all the symptoms that you feel better, but we also deal with the root cause of the symptoms that the organization find a cab back balance.

The Acupuncture Treat hormonal imbalance

The acupuncture focuses on balancing systems of the body to homeostatic imbalance exerting a strong influence taking advantage of the nervous system and hormonal system. You'll probably manage imbalances in the kidney and liver systems in order to calm the nervous system and balance the endocrine function.

The treatment includes acupuncture treatments weekly until the symptoms have dissipated presentations, followed by monthly maintenance treatment schedule will be developed to prevent the symptoms from returning. If you have already reached the maintenance, preventive care can come in if you wish.

If you or someone you know to deal with hormonal imbalances, such as menstrual pain or irregularity, menopause, infertiliy, low libido, or bad energy, then please report it to my office for a free consultation.

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How different from Orthodox Medicine Alternative Medicine

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dominated by orthodox medicine provider narrow range; In contrast, an alternative medicine market offers a huge and growing opportunities. But the difference between the Orthodox and Alternative medicine is quite clear; Traditional medicine is based on the scientific study of disease processes (or working towards this), and alternative medical systems, spiritual, mystical or otherwise intuitive insight is not based on a scientific approach. But many orthodox medicine is not based on evidence.

Orthodox Medicine

Orthodox Medicine seeks to fix or repair and will not be supported. Orthodox doctors this invaluable work in their respective fields, as well as holistic practitioners. Traditional medicine is well organized and extremely well financed, and control over huge amounts of advertising dollars spent in the pharmaceutical industry, AKA "Big Pharma" because of the media.

dominated by orthodox medicine provider narrow range of choices; In contrast, an alternative medicine market offers a huge and growing opportunities. Traditional medicine is very limited compared to a balanced and nutritionally diet; Alternative therapies like an endless pick-and-mix banquet from which the consumer chooses what mood, taste and then decide to eat more, or try something else. Orthodox medicine has developed its principles in a model that is based on a sickness benefit today. Conventional medicine treats the body (person) separate sections and believes that the power and the knowledge to fix an innate (natural) system intervenes by applying the normal homeostasis (balance the whole body) strong artificial chemicals. Traditional medicine has never been a model about health.

Alternative Medicine

alternative medicine, on the other hand, is very badly organized and poorly funded equally, incoherent and severely persecuted Orthodox Medicine. Learning Alternative professionals homeopathy, herbs, kinesiology, electrodiagnosis, chiropractic, osteopathy, aromatherapy, reflexology, body work, Iridology, cymatics, gemstone therapy, electro-magnettherapy, color therapy, diet therapy, naturopathic, acupuncture, anti-stress, counseling, etc. Alternative Medicine very well with some of the dominant features of modern society because it is characterized by continuous production of choice, and depends on the mass media to disseminate information.


Since the goal of the Orthodox Medicine is simply to remove the symptoms of a disease but a condition to achieve optimal health, the elimination of symptoms becomes an end in itself but as a means of identifying and correcting the underlying disease. The direction in which the orthodox medicine is developing quite clear. First, if the orthodox medicine to start with the responsibility to manage lifestyle diseases can be eliminated by the intervener's approach and use of traditional holistic medicine approach to care and support.

While the orthodox medicine medicament for clearly superior holistic treat severe trauma and acute or life-threatening diseases, holistic medicine, it is essentially supportive nature and the ability to embrace the diet, the more efficient when it comes to support healing and prevent further cases in the future. This is the area where highly accurate diagnosis and high level of cooperation between the orthodox medicine and alternative medicine is highly desirable.

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Get Over Your Sleep Disorder of Orthomolecular Medicine

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curative treatment of sleep disorders and a common amino acid is the basis of Orthomolecular Medicine. Large doses of naturally found proteins called amino acids can repair the imbalance in the brain and improve the malfunction. These amino acids are affordable and are used in therapeutic doses much higher than the levels normally found in food. The concept of Orthomolecular medicine is based on the use of very high doses of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, botanical extracts, or cellular repair and enhancement of normal brain activity.

You're not getting a promotion because you are tired of the office? You are close to becoming the fatigue and lack of sleep? You can not treat for children, because they are too tired? Sleep disorders can cause many problems, and you may not be able to break the pattern of their own. Sleeping pills help you fall asleep, but most reason to sleep, or waking up too much fatigue. Modern Orthomolecular medicine can help these problems for many people disappear within a few weeks. They may be sleeping habits have to change, and dietary changes that should be made. Do not eat or watch TV in the bedroom if you sleep problems. Stay out of bed until you are ready to fall asleep. Purchase a good mattress and cotton, silk, linen, hemp, wool or linen in the bedroom. Try to avoid caffeine and alcohol excess in the late afternoon and evening. It does not take over the counter sleep aids.

Orthomolecular medicine uses several supplements to improve and enhance sleep. These include botanical products such as Kava, Valerian, St John & # 39; s Wort, passion flower, lemon balm, chamomile and. It should be taken daily for several months the plants. It may take 3-5 weeks to see a noticeable change in sleep.

a combination of melatonin and vitamin D, calcium and magnesium must try to very severe sleep problems. Melatonin does not always work, and you need to make the level of 1.5-3 mcg / day for about thirty minutes before bedtime. You may want to take melatonin with selenium to boost the immune system.

Chinese patent formulas to improve sleep among amniotic Pian, Bu Nao Wan and Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan. At least twelve different patent formulas from China to help with sleep. The correct formula to choose based on your needs. Most Chinese patent formulas must be taken for at least six weeks or longer to address the underlying causes of the disease symptoms of insomnia.

Amino acids are needed to enhance the sleep of 5-HTP, Theanine and GABA. The addition of bio-identical hormones may be necessary to andropause, or male menopause in women. Never remove any blood test or saliva test without hormones which hormone is low. Keep in mind that the Chinese have avoided a lot of sleep disorders and the use of hormonal imbalance, food therapy and Chinese herbs. Let's look at these options in the health service.

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Role of Alternative Medicine in modern society

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Typically, alternative medicine differs from traditional medicine to alternative medicine older and what we might call unconventional or non-Western medicine. Alternative medicine does not follow the traditional science and research that current medicines undergo. Alternative medicine can be called complementary or traditional medicine or therapies that can be integrated into current medicine. The staff over at the National Library of Medicine, included the US alternative medicine category of complementary therapies in their medical subjects Chapter stage. This was done in 2002, the definition was that alternative medicine therapeutic practices can not be considered an integral part of the traditional allopathic medicine. Therapies such as acupuncture, diet, physical therapy, such as exercises or yoga, etc. is called alternative medicine. These therapies, termed complementary when they are used together with conventional treatments. When finished, instead of the traditional treatments, they are called alternative treatments.

in April 1995, the panel National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, worked on Definition & Description, CAM Research Methodology Conference Office of Alternative Medicine. alternative medicine and complementary medicine as those healing resources established in the panels that cover all health care systems and practices that differ from the dominant health system of a particular society or culture. In general, therapies such as Ayurveda, herbal medicine, folk medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, naturopathic diet practices, chiropractic, music therapy, massage, pranic healing, etc. classified as alternative or complementary medicine. People who do not find a cure, remedy or success in allopathic usually try alternative medicine. These people usually suffer from cancer, arthritis, acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), chronic back pain, alternative medicine therapies, etc. disappear in under covered under this category if their effectiveness is proven and they are considered safe and effective. It will now be considered part of conventional medicine. An example would be chiropractors. Twenty years ago, the insurance does not pay for them, since they are not considered "alternative and effective." Today, thousands of people helped by chiropractors and is now recognized in the medical community. Similar movements going on in the dietary supplement and nutraceutical industry.

more and more people are also using alternative medicine because traditional medicine is not working for them over the years. According to the 2004 survey by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine in the United States showed that about 36% of Americans use alternative medicine alternative medicine in 2002 if used in conjunction with traditional allopathic medicine, integrative medicine man & # 39; s the best solution. Some traditional doctors adamantly against or simply do not believe in complementary medicine, although research continues to show the benefits of many compounds. Your doctor should be informed about other approaches that are being used and if it is not convenient, you can always feel free to choose another doctor. This would allow a doctor to predict the possible complications or a better time to time with a complementary therapy. The concern of alternative medicine comes from the fact that some alternative medicine practitioners do not have an accredited medical degree and therefore does not have a valid medical license. However, recently, many educational institutions and universities have started courses in homeopathy, ayurveda, siddha, Greek, Arabic, acupuncture, naturopathy. The recent growth in this industry is evident many people demanding different and in some cases better care than what you get in the "modern medicine". We can not accept the fact that you have to suffer the pain or illness because of the modern pharmacy is no magic bullet for them.

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May Heal Your Eden Energy Medicine

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The liver is the largest organ in the physical body. Involved in digestion, metabolism, storage and distribution of food, filtering, detoxification and immune function.

You & # 39; You d think short legs would not be a problem. Less nourish and protect the body, is not it? However, according to the online article, "The Ten Weirdest clues to the Body & # 39; s Health that" & # 39; and this is not the case!

"If the legs are stocky side, you may be able to better take care of the liver. In a 2008 study, British researchers found that women between the legs of 20 and 29 inches prefer higher levels of four enzymes that indicate that the liver disease, factors such as childhood nutrition not only affects the growth patterns but also liver development to adulthood, researchers say

stop.. Avoid exposure to toxins It may be processed, which will make it healthier, longer. wear a mask while glove cleaning or working with any harsh chemicals. Limit alcohol consumption is a 5-ounce glass of wine or 12 ounces of beer a day. "

Eden Energy Medicine can be another easy way to support the Liver & # 39; s health. Massage the hands and feet of the liver on a daily basis will be strong and healthy. It & # 39; and a beautiful form of self-care, which can happen in a bubble bath, in bed while watching a good movie or listen to good music. If you have a partner in your life, try trading feet and hands massage is a kind of nutritious, non-sexual relationship.

The acupuncture points on the foot that are most effective keeping clear of the liver can be found in the "V" where the big toe meets the top of the second toe of the foot to the base of the metatarsal bone bridge. If nothing else, be sure to massage these "boiling point" May Chi several times a day.

The liver is very important hormonal health. If PMS, sedating Liver Meridian can help immensely in the groin pain. The easiest way to Meridian agreed in May to lie down and place your fingertips, where the legs attach to the body. Rest in this pose for 2-3 minutes.

also keeps calm the Liver Meridian acupuncture points. This is known and is generally the most effective acupressure. Here & # 39; and how

placed first while the middle finger of one hand on Liver 2 (inside of the big toe, where it meets the feet), and the other hand on heart eight (make a fist; see where the pinky touches the palm? that & # 39; s heart 8). Press lightly. Hold for two minutes.

2. Repeat the other side.

3. Then the middle finger of one hand on the May 4 (before a dip in the anklebone) and the middle finger of his other hand Lung 8 (below the wrist crease on the thumb).

Do not panic, high precision. Meridian points in a row in a quarter-penny. So if you have a finger in the general area, you & # 39; probably good!

Finally, the meridians respond to our thoughts. Emotional Polarity Liver meridian between the dance of guilt and self-acceptance. If this is an issue, try the liver can cultivate energy every day in these words: "I am kind to myself."

If these exercises regularly, you can expect to feel better physically and emotionally.

Source by Rose Mattax

Orthomolecular Medicine for the treatment of ALS

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amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or Lou Gherig & # 39; s Disease is a degenerative disease where neurons die early because of the problem of the autoimmune system. The immune system attacks the organs and the nervous system. The muscles of the body begins to degenerate and atrophy. This happens because ALS destroys the motor neurons in the brain and spinal cord. The brain loses the ability to control the muscles.

is very important to understand that a viral component to this disease. The body should be backed, adaptogenic plant to deal with a possible viral component. These include astragulus adaptogen, Ashwaganda, Gotu Kola, Siberian Ginseng, Panax ginseng and other botanical products in Quantum Orthomolecular Medicine. The use of adaptogens can not have the desired effect for the patient to have a genetically acquired disease. If a family member to the disease, these adaptogenic herbs may not achieve the desired results.

and curative treatment of ALS common amino acids and plant based on Orthomolecular Medicine. Large doses of naturally found proteins called amino acids in the brain to stop the attack and repair the malfunction. These amino acids and plant affordable for therapeutic doses are much larger than what is normally found in food. The concept of Orthomolecular medicine is based on the use of very high doses of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, botanical extracts, or cellular repair and enhancement of normal brain activity.

should be given to ALS patients in a three-week parasite cleanses one of the many herbal parasite cleanses that are available in your local health food store. This patient should be treated as oral chelation of heavy metals, toxins period of up to five weeks. Then consider oral chelation recommend you for another two weeks if the patient improves during this treatment. This patient should be treated very conservatively, and any treatment if the patient does not improve should be eliminated.

This may be a good candidate for patients with adrenal or thyroid gland support. You might try an organic product and is closely monitoring the progress. Chinese herbs patent would be very good for the patient, and may delay the progression of the disease for several years.

Lymphatic massage therapy or treatment would be a good addition to the complete patient care. This is to be tried once or twice a week. Reflexology can benefit ALS.

This is a progressive, degenerative disease can be treated with Orthomolecular Medicine, and it can be a curable disease. Conventional medicine does not believe that this disease can not be cured. The onset of certain symptoms may be delayed or kept at bay very aggressive use of IV amino acids, vitamins, minerals and Orthomolecular medicine orally 2-4 times a day. Several key residues of the amino acid therapy and include NAC, threonine, glutamine, methionine, and tryptophan. Glutamine and NAC tools are very valuable anti-progressive, degenerative neurological diseases.

is very important to change your diet very quickly to try a gluten-free diet like the GARD diet period of one month. If this does not help the patient, you may want to try at least seven weeks.The rotation Rotation Diet Diet rotates each dish so that you do not eat more frequently than once in a four-day period. Try to eliminate saturated fats, unsaturated fats and increases like salmon, sardines, mackerel and. Implementation of foods such as organic fruit, nuts, pistachio, avocado, and macadamia nuts will support good glucose stabilization improved energy efficiency. It is wise to reduce your coffee, switch to an organic kind, and the Swiss water method decaffeinated coffee. These can be ordered on the Internet when in an area where available.

Noni, acai, pomegranate as good supplements available in liquid form or capsule or. Vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, malic acid, food-based multi-vitamins and digestive enzymes using German ensures rapid progress required nutritional support. Quantum Orthomolecular Medicine recommended a number of other ideas to help ALS.

Source by R Stone

Modern Age of the Internet Health and Community Medicine

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Are we all "medical citizens," embedded as a potential or actual patients, our physicians, insurance & # 39; and pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, and others in the system of social, moral and organizational stakeholders?

Today, with the advent of the Internet, high-speed bandwidth, Social Media, Support Groups and Self Care protocols, patients for the first time in the history of medicine are able to change the result of the disease and the illness themselves, family members, friends and significant others .

This study attempts to address the most compelling issue of our time. Medical self-help groups and self-care methods are useful, and they deny that the delivery of conventional medical treatment? How do they differ and what consequences arise from this debate?

Further, it has been the advent of the Internet and social media has changed the landscape of medicine? What limitations may exist in this new era of information technology and social communication? And if so, to what extent it would challenge the traditional care models? Perhaps the patient or advocate increasing the expert's own health conditions than their own doctor? The answer to this question is a definite yes if the patient has to use all the tools available to them.

Various published estimates unanimously show that hundreds of thousands of patients die, and millions of people were injured in medical procedures gone wrong, medication errors or adverse events and medication incorrectly prescribed or not taken as directed by patients. And it's not just the sick, the suffering, but the families that loved one & # 39; s, friends and employers & # 39; s who have to suffer the pain and lifestyle changes that so often comes with these errors.

Furthermore, May 8, 2013 National Center for Policy Analysis, edition, claimed that the first diagnosis of the error rate is increasing at an alarming rate

• An estimated 10 per cent to 20 per cent of cases false diagnosis that exceeds the drug errors, and surgery in the wrong patient or body part, each will receive much more attention.

• A report said 28 percent of 583 diagnostic errors were life-threatening and resulted in the death or disability.

• Another study estimated that the fatal diagnostic errors equals the number of US intensive care units breast cancer deaths per year – 40500th

Therefore, the second opinion is often necessary precautions that third opinion if the first two apart. In fact, Medicare and insurance companies often pay a third reviews under these conditions, since they will save billions in the long run.

Prudence dictates that the "medical nationals" should beware of these pitfalls, as their lives depend on it.

Furthermore, patient reviews and rating systems are available directly from your smart phone, you need to determine whether or not the doctor's decision-making is compromised. For example, the surgeon knows that his treatment decisions may even result in either saving a life means to an end of the social media prejudices, whether legitimate or not, then what hurts medical practice? Does it distort that could alter cloud or a doctor & # 39; s judgment? There are no data to provide an answer as yet.

So, doctors are becoming more risk adverse as a result of the new landscape? Now doctors are compensated based on getting better results, lower costs, reduced re-admission rates and other variables – not the staff friendly and less time in which many doctors waiting room review sites measure.

Often five-star rating system will receive some patients' opinion, despite the fact that the average doctor has some 2,000 patients charts (most healthy), and as long as human nature to complain if we do not get the result we want, consumers are less likely to praise the positive experience because I naturally expect top service, and so neglect to post a positive review even more patients are more likely to post a negative review of retaliation against the provider. Thus, the patient's opinion is not very good, or objective source of fair and balanced overall assessment of a doctor & # 39; s performance.

How can this dilemma be solved, especially if the surgeon everything perfectly, but the patients are victims of medication errors, poor care complying with the medical order, or perhaps agreements in hospital born infections or other adverse events among the doctor & # 39; s control, even if the doctor & # 39; s excellent work? However, these doctors often blame the doctor review sites. Therefore, patients should be better tools to make your own health care decisions should be in, choosing a plan or what treatment option to go to a specific facility.

If the patient does not use a rating site, you must make sure that from the government side a huge amount of data or in a private place, where doctors may nominate other doctors for excellence, and use these "Dr. & # 39; s doctors "to care for their friends and loved ones.

doctor believes that other sites can help you stupid criteria such as waiting room times, friendly staff, waiting room decorations and other issues that have nothing to do with the best results are nothing, but to money from the players.

Today, it is not unusual for patients to challenge doctors when it comes to illness and disease. After all, according Tejal Gandhi, MD, president of the National Patient Safety Foundation and associate professor of medicine, Harvard Medical School, "preventable medical errors persist, the No. 3 killer in the United States – the third only to heart disease and cancer – claiming the lives of about 400,000 people a year at a cost of more than a trillion dollars a year. ' "

Self-help groups and self-care is probably date back to the dawn of civilization, when people lived in a cooperative tribal settings. These groups deal with issues related to all life survival and political stability of the group. the dawn of medical ethics is probably dates back some 2300 years of the publication of the Hippocratic oath.

But now the game has dramatically changed due to the significant technological advances in medical science and the great development of the Internet is now the primary medical information for medical consumers. and the explosion of social media, people are able to communicate and share information on a scale never seen or imagined.

Add this to all the new interest that have entered the fray, such as insurance, employers, managed care organizations, Obamacare, biotech companies, governments, of course, pharmaceutical companies and health care decision-makers. The challenges faced by medical and social planners citizens have never been so terrifying.

Postmodern Medicine Medicare probably generated by the institution in 1965, when Medicare was signed into law in 1965 by President Lyndon Johnson and paid by the third party insurers appeared soon after. The 1970 & # 39; s medical practice has been in the business of medical surge and third-party payment systems caused by the demand for services and the cost of health care delivery soared. Moreover, the debate must be about the disease and what the disease is now to deal with sociological way more than ever, it affects whether treatments are available, and what the costs of third-party payers.

Self help groups are usually a group or set of people who suffer all shares or a similar disease that involves high costs and personal suffering to themselves and those who care about them.

Self-Reliance seemingly obvious meaning. We get a cut and put a band aid on it. A headache to an aspirin. But is it really so clear as pharmacy shelves already full will to drugs that previously only available with a prescription and medical devices can be used for self-diagnosis and self-care that measures bodily functions and vital signs such as blood sugar, blood pressure, pulse rate, oxygenation, etc. resulted in the patients self-diagnosing and treating themselves, often without medical advice. Defibrillators now a fixture in most large organizations, where non-designated medical company personnel trained and licensed to shock a worker & # 39; In addition to CPR and heart.

supplies, such as instant clotting powder, special bandages, compression diabetic socks that were not previously available in pharmacies that are now commonplace. But many of these products as much harm as good, if not used properly.

Self-care, at least in several versions usually include some kind of relationship with the health system, teaching people, when you need a professional, how to do a self-examination without medical supervision and care conditions. eg changing bandages wound dressings without the presence of home care support.

And with the advent of drugs, televisions approved by the new and off-label use of FDA awash with advertisements in the advertising of new drugs and therapies that embrace the incredible benefits than Viagra, resulting in panic he runs for patients doctors are demanding a bucket of things that Viagra is one of the most profitable drugs ever be selected.

Television advertisements for pharmaceutical companies now target the consumer directly to the demand for their products, which are only prescribed by a physician, are common as well. In addition, the small print and strangled high-speed speech, pharmaceutical companies attempt these ads, it is not responsible for the drugs advertised directly to consumers can have side effects that can seriously mess of a person, or even can cause death, while at the same time consumers are trying to ask the doctors of these medicines. This radical change in the supply chain and marketing of new pharmaceutical products and protocols.

So, what do the medical nationality? Turn to the Internet, of course, the Information and Social Media discourse. After all, the Internet is now the primary source of health and medical information and social communication.

Today, more than one hundred million Americans & # 39; s online computers, tablets, mobile phones, watches and smart to find applications with highly specialized support, such as a menu in a Greek restaurant. If it is difficult to choose wisely.

The problem is consuming a useful and credible information garbage in, garbage out, or commercial sites wanting to sell goods and services to each user searches performed on target transmitted by users, advertisers cookies and Flash Player LSO k.

Most people are probably not OK, and there is no doubt responsible for using this resource. and perhaps develop an extension of the patient & # 39 These resources; s life and allows them to find the other communities & # 39; and suffering from the same disease as they are, and provide assistance in health outcomes and help contain health care costs for society. Getting started with virtualization, telemedicine, medical and hospital assessment web pages and long-distance robotic surgery, and even areas such as quantum medicine, which seems as if it comes straight out of a science fiction novel.

Should this lead us in the future remains to be seen, and not finally addressed in this essay.

This leaves us with the question in dispute disease. By contrast, the disease is like a clogged artery must be repaired with a stent in a catheterization laboratory, an interventional cardiologist or an infection that must be treated with antibiotics by a doctor, many diseases are unexplainable by conventional medicine as opposed to the disease clearly recognized healthcare providers. Diseases often simply dismissed the official medicine such denial or refusal of insurers to pay for treatment. a description of the occurrence of

But the same collective array of symptoms similar to those of thousands of people to communicate with one another using self-help groups can lead to a change of heart in the medical establishment. Not to mention that diseases with a social stigma with them, where the patient is blamed for their symptoms, such as obesity, despite the fact that cause diseases obesity, depression, addiction, and numerous diseases has not yet been classified in the disease and for which there is a biomedical solution .

groups are also online support, and have those terms in the lead, as in the case of fibromyalgia, which has as a curable disease, but for a long time was today attacked by disease declined professionals, as people too lazy to work, or just looking for painkillers. What is certain is that online support groups for people the opportunity to exchange information with each other and become an expert medical problems.

free online self-help groups and very effective. People Helping People. It's a simple concept, especially in an era when the nuclear family almost extinct in Western society that people are now looking for a large family. But self-help groups, which are independent and autonomous in theory, is still susceptible to the traditional collective problems such as competition within the groups, the non-compliant members, etc. They are also the target of commercial interests, for example, when a user who does not know how to surf anonymously receive hundreds cookies on the device they are using, and then begin to befoghat ads by commercial interests, or worse, spam and theft of personal information.

Self help groups offer other benefits, such as "clearer cope with chronic illness and life transitions, friendship and belonging, spiritual renewal, increased political activism, strengthening civil society and reduced Healthcare Resource Use" (Humphreys, Keith , social Policy, Spring 97, vol 27, Issue 3 Pages 2-5)

True, the "social movements see themselves as omnipotent and omniscient are often dangerous." (Humphreys, Keith, Social Policy, Spring 97, Vol 27, Issue 3 Page 5)

You can take a horse to water, but can not drink it. Many people are judgmental and rear set too intent in ways that may damage or disrupt the best of intentions, among many others.

Many medical professionals feel that patients play doctor carries potentially serious risks, since the patient is not a doctor or a qualified health care professionals. On the other hand, many people say the same experts and professional groups that have previously enjoyed unquestioned stature and in many cases offense being questioned or challenged.

But a patient is a complex disease possibly other accompanying diseases Internet gives them unlimited access to the latest research, medical treatment, medicines and many other research, the physician may not be aware of.

Difficult patient loads the doctor does not have time to spend researching medical literature of all worlds FDA new drugs and procedures. After the doctor sees the patient, they often do not give that person & # 39; s situation is another thought, as they further 30 patients to see that day plus hospital rounds.

But if a patient is in relatively good intelligence, and probably they have much more time to research the specific disease or diseases that ravaged their quality or life, ability to work or career development, relationships with suffering, it is a logical assumption that enough time and persistence, patients find the right treatment options, or the right of doctors to relieve most of the symptoms or possibly cure them completely.

If the patient remains obedient, do not ask questions, does not review or complex medical bills inspectors did not understand the billing codes, then the patient probably will not get the best possible results.

This issue has been thoroughly researched by the Institute of Medicine, and the data show that resoundingly informed patients consistently improved medical outcomes than those that suffer in silence. The data is irrefutable!

Therefore, common sense dictates that patients are proactive and learn as much as possible about serious diseases and work with physicians as a team, the goal is to get better medical care. Doctors often resist change, in which case the doctor may be in the interest of the patient.

mortality example related to cardiac catheterization and angiography are significant enough that patients should be aware of the risks of death or serious complications of the procedure, or that there is an alternative known as computed tomography angiography, which can replace half according to conventional coronary angiography in patients the cost of the traditional method, which is very lucrative as computed tomography angiography intervention cardiologists do. It is also a non-invasive procedure, which is preferred by the holder is much less risk and is also lower cost.

I'm speaking from personal experience because my own father passed away was generated after January 26, 2006, suffered from complications of cardiac catheterization and angiography procedure is unnecessary. The year before my father & # 39; he was passing a stent placed in his left descending coronary artery, which went flawlessly. Since my father retired and living in NY before he goes out to all the doctors, the annual trip to Florida where he spent the winter in the sun.

This method was chosen because the cardiologist suggested that inspected the ride before the stent. I should have known better, and stopped him, because I was the patient and the health care consumer advocacy and researched and published reports by consumers and health professionals researched diseases for a living. The name was the time of my company, "Health Reports" feature Multi Media Solutions Inc. NY company founded disability but later had to stop.

I accompanied my father to all of his doctor visits and when he went to the hospital for an outpatient procedure that was good, and he was driving his own car to the hospital in preparation to go home the same day.

The intervention cardiologist to do the procedure later said the stent was nice condition, but something went wrong, because after the intervention of my fathers limbs began turning blue cyanosis. The doctor, of course, denied that the relationship between the two events occurred within hours of each other.

The only possible conclusion I could draw was that the catheter chipped a piece of calcified plaque and submitted probably in his lungs as a emboli, as developed severe respiratory distress immediately after the angiogram. Now that was to be the largest ever accidental or a terrible medical error.

So routine preventive screening, where I'm going to drive my father's home that became a hospital one week after which it moved to step down rehabilitation facility and was expected to recover, and go home.

should have been the night to go home to continue his recovery at home, I visited with my daughter, and immediately saw that there was something bad.

Since there is only one doctor on the floor about 50 adult residents, I practically had to physically pull the doctor's room, where the only suggestion was that he go back to the hospital. He comes to the rescue 30 minutes to Hime is a major trauma hospital was literally just a few hundred meters from where he was. I had wheeled her to the ER faster.

died around 2:00 the next morning. They said he died of mesothelioma. I knew that was impossible, because I never heard a man coughing once in their life, or present symptoms of mesothelioma and I've been in the business for years with her and her son.

Then, recently, when he was hospitalized with a Florida hospital severely low potassium, which can easily be remedied by a few days of IV potassium infusion, cardiologist walked into the room and said he wanted to do an angiogram just before the discharge to check the stent to a year before I did, and I knew I was okay, and it was close the argument, because it questioned the authority. Finally, he acknowledged that the risk of death or complications during cardiac cateterization was not insignificant. Finally, he agreed to a non-invasive cardiac ultrasound, which showed nothing wrong. Why

And it was not a relationship I'm still in the hospital. He was released the same day, and when I saw the regular cardiologist in New York, called the name of another doctor rather not repeat, and said he might have saved his own life by challenging the man who had never seen before or since.

The thing is I only know because I am an experienced Medical Literature Research but it is blocked.

Because too often, patients are not informed of other treatment options you will ever wrong, or for that matter, the risks associated with possible variety of methods, because doctors simply are not aware of or do not care or want to make the most money. Today, hiring an expert to research the medical literature is not a bad idea. And even a single patient's Advocate is a growing area which is not a professional qualification required is a good idea if you can afford it, because once the flat on your back and not on the control and may not even be a family with the help of personal patient's Advocate can a good idea.

This is the new reality of health. It's hard to be a practicing physician these days because the degree of innovation, problems that regulators a businessman engaged in that hospital patients, litigation, etc. Many doctors & # 39; It can not handle, and quit drugs. And more and more difficult.

Common sense also dictates that there is no longer a monopoly of medical information in this new era of instant information and mass communication and transparency, as the revolution is a good thing once in a while.

Ultimately, as this essay tries to manage or non-medical self-help groups and self-care alternatives for positive materials or harmful challenges of medical care and how to set against each other, and that the consequences of such an analysis, it is concluded with absolute certainty that the polio vaccine, which resulted in a tsunami consists of medical advances since its release to help doctors cure the disease, and now a new, ever-changing era of unprecedented progress in medical science, information and transparent social communication.

The cost of medical research and care as a result of these advances have skyrocketed to the point that the medical resources that can be used to more cost-effective manner. Furthermore, the issue of rationing medical care is one of the social policy makers should be given great weight in its deliberations next year, since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

The questions are so complex that consumers choices in a very difficult period, to how best to care for themselves and their families. Just picking a health plan can be a nightmare for families and professionals in a variety of designs can work with families in a variety of prices & # 39; Depending on the benefit or detriment of the socio-economic status, medical history and lifestyle.

If these improvements are not enough to contend with, the current power of the Internet as a source of both information and now also a strong social environment in which people can interact with each other to be seen in the mass as a benefit in a system that you need for the checks and balances of registration, many stakeholders, many of whom lack the patients & # 39; s best heart, but also motivated by greed or simply incompetent profession.

Self help groups are becoming self-sufficient in a patient or a loved one, or an attorney is involved in the management of disease and illness to work dynamically and in collaboration with their doctor, including new medical landscape since the genie has escaped of the bottle, and we do not look back, but you have to expect that a system for patients and caregivers working in a team shoots the healing process and improve the quality of life of citizens.

So what the future holds. The last 30 years have seen an evolutionary leap more than likely see a century or more. Now with new technologies such as 3-D printing and copying, and computer-aided manufacturing and new medical areas such as the principles of quantum physics that uses quantum medicine to better understand the biology of future opportunities mind boggling. The civil war only 152 years ago. Since then, mankind has developed a way of life that sustained civilization some 200,000 years astronomical rate. We can accommodate so many changes so quickly?

Gene Roddenberry foresaw the future beginning in 2236, 220 years later with the release of Star Trek, which is an autonomous steady movement. So what is our fate, or perhaps the prospect of Gene Roddenberry James Cameron & # 39; and "Terminator," where mankind spark an extinction-level event of accidental or terrorism. Only time and the man & # 39; and ingenuity will tell.

Stuart J. Goltzman January 2, 2016 22:40 Eastern Time

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(Humphreys, Keith, social Policy, Spring 97, Vol 27, Issue 3 Page 5)

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