Cough syrup Miracle Fertility – cough syrup might help you get pregnant?

If you have been struggling to get pregnant or if you are just starting to try my first baby might be the secret ingredient to increase your chances of conceiving. What is surprising fertility is it? Believe it or not; cough syrup. Fertility experts are not any agreement, but there is some scientific evidence that proves cough medicine may actually help women conceive. But there are some things you need to know about the cough syrup and pregnancy.

The most important ingredient you want to be on the lookout for when choosing a drug guaifenesin cough fertility purposes. This component will help to get pregnant thinning of the cervical fluid. This will allow the sperm to pass through the cervix of the egg more easily.

Why guaifenesin works so well? This is a common ingredient in cough medicine, or an expectorant to relieve thinning and liquefies phlegm in his lungs. This is actually not all mucous membranes in the body, so the thin neck of liquid as well. Make sure to choose a cough medication guaifenesin, whose sole active ingredient.

You have to keep track of ovulation to help. If you do not produce many cervical fluid when you ovulate guaifenesin may be what you need to imagine. The key to this track ovulation, cervical fluid and checked; that is the only way to know when is the right time to guaifenesin. Of course, some women just take the cough medicine throughout their ovulation period, but it usually works best for women who produce a certain amount of cervical fluid.

If you decide to try cough syrup can help you get pregnant, the only active ingredient guaifenesin sure. It bears repeating because cough antihistamine drug effectively reduces cervical fluid. So once again, choose the appropriate syrup against cough. Fertility can reduce your chances if you choose the wrong. Take two teaspoons three times a day while ovulating.

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